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Hello from Bearsted!


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Welcome David!  Them manifold bolts are a pig! 


I remember my mate's dad had a 924 Le Mans, used to pick us up from Scouts in it when I was a nipper.  



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20 hours ago, Budflicker said:

Hi David


Welcome to the OC. I only live 10 minutes up the road from you at the top of Bluebell Hill.


Tell us more about the 987, any photo's?


Thank you. I know it well, the outside lane towards Medway is one of my favourite places to give it boot, I suspect you know the one I'm talking about :D.


A bit more about the Cayman, well... I picked her up last year from a dealer that I know fairly well got a great price on her because she needed a little bit of love which is right up my street. 


So far we've:

  • Replaced the clutch and flywheel
  • Sports exhaust
  • K&N Air filter 
  • Brembo disks / pads
  • Restored headlights
  • Fitted some aftermarket tail lights (I know, some people love them, some hate them, I think the lift the back of the car)
  • Given the ECU a "stage 1"* 
  • All the other normal service stuff (plugs, coils, oil, etc)
  • Ripped out the SPP sound system and replaced with decent speakers and head unit

* I have a somewhat dislike for the whole stage 1,2,3 thing, I tune the ECU as I go, tend to have better results. 


About three weeks ago a CAT finally gave out, I was half expecting it to happen as I've been playing with a hard cut on the ECU (basically being a bit of a hooligan), knowing full well I was going to replace with some nice 200 Cell Cats, so with that in mind heres the list of bits sat waiting (either in the garage or on the kitchen worktop, apologies to my girlfriend) to be fitted:


  • Topgear 200 Cell Cats
  • Short Shifter Kit
  • Braided brake lines
  • Alcantara head liner / center console
  • more ECU tuning
  • and some other stuff I've currently forgotten
  • new wheels (not bought yet)


I'm not great at taking pictures, but I've attached one of her hovering in the air of the garage, I'll get better ones posted once I get her off the lift.  




20 hours ago, DKR_77 said:

Welcome David!  Them manifold bolts are a pig! 


I remember my mate's dad had a 924 Le Mans, used to pick us up from Scouts in it when I was a nipper.  



Hi, I can confirm! Snapped one this afternoon... fun task for tomorrow xD. The rest I ended up having to soak overnight in some penetration blaster and fairly gently rocking on them back and forth with a breaker bar to crack them free. There's always one though... 




I'm yet to expirence the 924 S, its currently sitting on the driveway waiting for the Cayman to be finished before I set to and start restoring it (it's currently a MOT failure due to rather substantial rust holes). Looking forward to getting stuck into that.


Sorry for the wall of text! 

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