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987 Brake Pad Wear Sensors? Any Difference?


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Hi Guys,

Please forgive me for the basic question!


This is the first time i'm purchasing brakes myself on the 987S, my main Porsche tech is so busy with work at the moment he can't fit me in for weeks and the brake light on my car has turned on so very keen to get this sorted ASAP.


I contacted the next biggest specialist near me and asked for a quote on discs pads and sensors all round - i got £1400 for OE (Sebro/Textar combo) or £1000 for Pagid's


If i price up Sebro / Textar on Eurocarparts with the discounts they always have on, i'm coming up to just under £700 not including the sensors, the problem is the sensors they only have for sale are 17.99 a corner and are PAGID/Mintex.

If i go on a site like Autodoc there's the typical BOSCH/ Textar sensors for considerably less but all have different sizes/ dimensions and part numbers etc.

Will all of these work? or do you guys tend to get the OEM Part numbers from Porsche and work backwards from that?


Keen to know which pad sensors you guys use? any brands i should avoid?


Thanks again





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