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Gen 2 with wet driver door trim.

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Bottom right corner of the carpeted door panel (drivers side) is getting wet after rain . Internal water guard on door has been checked and drain holes free. Local Porsche specialist has been very good but now ,I feel, they are scratching their heads as they can't reproduce leak. Could there be a leak around door mirror which would fall wrong side of internal guard ?  The rubber trim around door reveal seems much wetter than passenger side but I can't see how water could "jump" from the sill to the door panel as this seems to be a finger width above the sill. 

Anyone have any ideas ?

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It's usually the door trim panel clips. They have a rubber seal around them, when they are clipped 'home' it seals the hole in the window carrier panel.

One way to diagnose, is to get the door trim panel off. Then replace the clips in the holes and push them in so they seal in place. Then get your glamorous assistant to pour a watering can or hose down the outside of the door and see where it leaks in.

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So , the interior panel trim clips go through to the "wet side " of the door ?

 I will check with garage to see if this has been checked.


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Yes they do. The metal window carrier also has a rubber seal to the door, that can leak also.

It's an overly complicated design that unless everything is perfect, it will leak.

I expect your window glass and or regulator was changed at some point, and a less than perfect job done.

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