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Hello everyone, my name is John and I’m a new, proud owner of a 2009 Cayman!

Ive been on the forum for a while reading posts and getting tips and advice which is appreciated for a newbie! Finally got my registration completed on the forum so I can now comment.


The car I brought was actually mentioned in the post by futureechos in the 987 forum, Looking to buy first Porsche 987.1, 987.2 or S. It’s the 2009 Red Cayman with the Gt3 upgrades mentioned on the first page.

I had originally intended to buy a gen 1 model but managed to increase my budget to a gen 2 version. I think I lucked in as this car was only a few miles from me in Brackley so went and had a look.


All going well so far and enjoying both the car and the forum!



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Welcome John and that looked a great one! I’ve never dealt with APS personally but I know someone that does and they seem respected. The cars always seem to sell quickly. 

Is it your first Porsche? I’m on my first one, also a 2009 2.9 bought earlier this year. Hope you enjoy yours

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Good evening Blissya

APS we’re good to me regarding the sale, both the viewing of the vehicle and communication after.

This is my first experience of a Porsche and as with many owners, I’ve always loved the brand and have finally become an owner myself.



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