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Wales Run 31st March - 2nd April

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Hey all

I'm organising a run for mixture of different performance cars in Wales.
If anyone's interested, see details below.

Routes will are getting finalised before Feb. I currently have around 5 provisionals from different forums:

M2 - Me

RS3 - provisional

911 Turbo -  provisional (M3 Cutters)

RS6 - provisional (M3 Cutters)

Z4MC - provisional (z4 Forum)

Dragon Run Preview April 2023.pdf

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Updated provisional car list.


1. M2 
2. RS3 
3. Z4MC 
4. F Type V6S 
5. GR Yaris 
6. Subaru Legacy 3.0 
7. M3 E92 
8. 996 Turbo
9. 991 C2 (TBC)
10. 997.1 (TBC)


Routes now finalised, email me on driversonlyclub@gmail.com if you have any questions

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Just a quick update - latest cars confirmed.


1. M2 (Guide car)

2. F Type V6S (joining Saturday Lunch - solo)

3. GR Yaris (Friday - with co-pilot)

4. Subaru Legacy 3.0 (Friday - solo)

5. M3 E92 (Joining Saturday Lunch - solo)

6. 440i (Friday - with co-pilot)

7. M240i (Friday - solo)

8. AMG A45 (Friday - with M3 E46)

9. M3 E46 (Friday - with AMG 45)

10. Audi S4 Avant (TBC)


Five spots remaining.



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Latest confirmed car list (Friday Lunch time):

1. M2 - Guide car

2. GR Yaris

3. Subaru Legacy 3.0

4. 440i

5. M240i

6. AMG A45

7. M3 E46

8. Audi S4 Avant

9. 911 GTS Cab

Joining Saturday

10. F Type V6S

11. M3 E92

12. BMW 435D

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