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Gumball Flag Drop & Wknd drive (10th-11th June)

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So I'm organising drive with a mixture of different brands (I drive an M2).


Essentially basic info as follows. any questions just shout.

June 10th-June 11th
Edinburgh > Leeds (The Motorist)
380 Miles ish


Saturday (Edinburgh > Penrith)
Watch the first 20-30 cars at Gumball Flag drop - in Edinburgh
(Exact details not yet announced but most likely happens from 11-3pm for 100 cars)
Grab Lunch around 1pm (location to be selected - most likely a place near Gumball Flag Drop)
Drive out starts 2pm going towards Penrith the long way via Moffat, Selkirk, Northumberland National Park.
I'll be staying in Nent (20 mins or so from Penrith).


Sunday (Penrith > The Motorist in Leeds)
Meet 8.30am - Start 9am sharp.
Drive via Lakes / Dales to Leeds
Lunch (dependant on what drivers prefer - either 2pm lunch at the Arnage (restaurant at the Motorist) OR somewhere on route, in which case we'll arrive at the Motorist at 3pm) - will be decided 2 weeks in advance at latest.

Will share routes with those provisionally interested - once I have it all refined.

Currently have four cars provisionally: Will limit run to 15 max, but ideally 11 cars.


1. M2
2. M2
3. RS3 (tbc)
4. M235i (tbc)


I'm using the RoadStr app to organise it all - so search for SEVEN SHIRES RUN or DRIVERS ONLY.

Any questions just shout.


Pictures from the previous multi-day run I organised on Insta.


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