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New owner West Yorkshire


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Recently bought a 987.2 pdk after toying with buying one for about 5yrs. Really happy with the car but as with anything the noises and characteristics are all new having only driven a handful of cars for limited time. Be interested if there’s any owners local that I could meet up with and compare/satisfy my paranoia that everything is normal.

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I'm not local (Kent!) but the paranoia is normal. 🙂 


I was imagining ticking noises and all sorts in the first couple of months, best advise I got from here was just to try and enjoy.


Anything specific worrying you?

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I had the car serviced last week at revolution porsche and they have said everything is as it should be. The additional noise I’ve got stems from some function first style semi solid gearbox mounts transmitting more noise and Nvh through the car so might get those swopped out. 

had around 8k of work done on it in the 6mths before I bought it, coolant hoses, rear coffin arms, discs pads and tyres all round ect ect.


I’m getting the rest of the potential issues out of the way, had new aos, plugs, front drop links and lower arms, new tensioner and pully along with new belt to go on so mechanically it’s as solid as it can be.


body is all good with a paint correction carried out, but some of the soft finish bits inside need something doing with them. Job for the colder months I can do inside though that.

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