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Battery dead, options?


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Went to get my cayman out of the garage this morning and it was completely dead, only put it away last Sunday so seems bit odd to have gone so quickly.  I know the standard batteries are suppose to be sh*t but I am in warranty so want to stick with the original one, otherwise I'd be over to a Bosch one.


Question is, can I buy one from anywhere other than an OPC?  and on a Sunday?  Would Porsche Assist have one if I phone them out?  I can access the car and boot as I left it unlocked.  Alternatively should I buy a charger from somewhere and get it started using that, any recommendations?


Also randomly, having tried the keys in the ignition, I can't get them out again, is that normal?




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My original Porsche battery died suddenly, like yours, a few months ago. I replaced it with a Bosch but I don't have a Porsche warranty to be concerned about. I don't recall having any problems with the ignition key, maybe my battery wasn't as dead as yours?


If there's no cost to you then I'd try Porsche Assist first, otherwise is it an option to wait until tomorrow to pick up a battery at your OPC? If Porsche Assist don't have a battery then they should have a charger/booster.

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