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Selling privately


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Unfortunately the time has come sell my Cayman, where do people recommend advertising the car for hopefully a hassle free experience? And do you have any tips for the advert? 


Pistonheads is free, so will go on there. Auto trader is very expensive, which I don't mind if it gets results, but does it?  It has 16 months Porsche warranty which should  help a private sale, but does it add any value?

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AT didn't work for my TTS at £25k and I had the feeling buyers at that price wanted/needed dealer facilities, i.e. finance. Not a sniff! Sold to Audi in the end. How about asking a local indy Porsche sales firm to sell on commission?


Get your car's spec sheet and list everything. Warranty is a big plus, SHOUT about it!


Add good photos. Point out any extras/options over standard. 

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6 minutes ago, Trickle said:



pistonheads has always worked for me


Would that be good for the wife's '62 A3 Sportback too?

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Thanks, will give Pistonheads a go and see what the response is like before paying out to advertise elsewhere.  That is my worry about selling a car of this value is that people want finance etc, but hopefully the warranty will help.


Price wise, does £22,500 seem fair?  2009 2.9 manual, 25k miles, full Porsche history, sports seats, extended leather, Bose, Climate, rear park assist.


It's so hard to price as most are at dealers, and the private ones have more miles.  Will get it cleaned up for some good photos.

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I'm considering selling my Cayman S Sport soon and after doing a lot of research it seems the safest way to do it is sell it to an independent dealer or agree a sale or return deal with them. 


You could always try and sell it privately but as suggested people spending this amount of money do tend to require finance and dealer facilities. Although I'm sure there will be people out there looking for a private deal.

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49 minutes ago, Trickle said:

What?! Are Cayman's out of fashion??

Unfortunately mines got to go to pay some stamp duty, I'll be back 

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