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Hello to all 


Hope everybody is having a good weekend so far! 


Hoping to join the ranks soon as its a car I've long admired! 


Currently own an E46 M3 and my track car is a DC2 integra R.


I've had the M for the last 5 years which served as my daily driver with the very occasional trackday and I was debating the upgrade to an E92 M3 but despite the fabulous engine its still an obese road biased coupe. The track-goer in me would prefer the lighter more purposeful sports car! 


The Cayman for me ticks all the boxes and with a few choice modifications to remove some road going slop - as proven already it makes a very capable car on track :D

Im leaning towards a manual 981 Cayman but not completely ruling out a 987.2 or a PDK of either version. My only experience so far is a friends 2008 987 PDK which was brand new at the time and that felt extremely well put together.


exciting times ahead and look forward to learning more here!



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Welcome! :) 


Cayman is a fine choice obviously, it's a different proposition to the E92, much more focussed and rewarding as a sports car. 



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