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Selling my 2008 Cayman S

Andy L

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Unfortunately 4 into 2 just doesn't go in our house, so after a relatively short ownership I've agreed to sell the Cayman and buy something we can all enjoy...


Over the coming days I'll post a full advert for anyone who's interested, but in short I'm only the second owner and the car has covered just 38k and comes with a full service history. The cars condition is immaculate both inside and out and it drives like a dream. We've been to look at a couple of M3's today, one coupe and one convertible. I've been offered £16k and £16.5k in part-ex. They'll simply put the car on the forecourt with a price of £21950 and make a very tidy profit in the process (even if they drop the price by £1k).


If anyone is seriously interested in the car then I'd be happy to sell it private for the £16.5k that I've already been offered (that may go up if I do a px-deal elsewhere at a higher price over the next few days). A quick look around Autotrader will confirm there aren't many Cayman S cars around with this mileage, and the few that are have a price tag of around £22k. Private plate will stay with the car. I also have the original spars which I can put back if the LED's offend. 


Drop me  a note if you are interested.






Black 987 Cayman S with LED Spars.jpg

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Very nice for the price 

Get it down to  Beaulieu this Sunday as it's bound to get interest and might bag you an extra grand or two 

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22 hours ago, Andy L said:

Wish I could but we've got a night away in Birmingham this Saturday to watch Mickey Flannigan.


Funny guy, enjoy. 

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My cayman is now sold, px'd it for £16,500 against an E93 M3... It's a sad day for me,but my wife seems happier!


The M3 is a nice car and I can see why my wife prefers it, both kids fit in the back, and the ride's no as harsh, but even though the M3 feels a lot faster it almost feels like you're driving in a simulator compared to the experience you get from a Cayman/Boxster. Once the kids have both gotten to the age that they no longer want to spend anytime with their embarrassing parents I'll be straight back in the market for another Porsche!

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