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Help! Durametric fault code 2310 Bar ignition module, cylinder 4


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Hi all,


Yesterday I plugged my Durametric cable to my Porsche Cayman 987 phase 2 and found the following fault code:

2310: Bar ignition module, cylinder 4 - Upper limit value exceeded.

I did a search on Google but did not find any relevant information.

Does anyone here can help me?



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My guess based on googling the generic OBD2 code P2310 is this is a problem with the coil pack on cylinder 4.  


I replaced mine at 58K miles as they were cracking and therefore prone to water ingress.  This is a common problem on cars in the UK.

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What concern me is that my car is only 35000 miles and the typical error code for coil pack is about misfires and I don't have this error code...

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One way to check whether it is the coil pack is to swap the cylinder 4 coil pack with one of the other coil packs.   Also carefully inspect the coil packs for cracks.  Then clear the fault code and see if it returns.  If it comes back as a slightly different code (e.g. 2309) that would indicate that it is the coil pack as it seems there is a different fault code for each cylinder.

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