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Thoughts please,

I have mentioned my concerns about oil consumption before, but just after some feedback, I drove my 2006 Cayman S over to the Le Mans 24hrs race the weekend a total if 1025 miles, the car never missed a beat but used just over a 1.5 litres of Oil, bore score rebuild had been done on cylinder 6 and others checked about 10,000 miles ago, surely this amount of oil usage isn't normal????



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If they were hard miles, then possibly but cruising down and around, I'd say it was high. 

Mate you sure you weren't tempted by the burn outs and quarter mile drag races? ?


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That's a little more than I use on day-to-day running. Just topped up after 1200 miles with just under a litre of the golden nectar. I have a 07 plate S with 68k on the clock.


Interesting to hear any others thoughts.

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I think it's fair that day that all of our earlier S models use a bit if oil. 

As discussed before, that has as much to do with the type of driving we do as to the mileage. 

If you do a track day, oil use is obviously higher due to higher revs but if you cruise down the payage to Le Mans and home, I wouldn't expect too much oil use. 

Again, this has been talked about at length but my suggestion is to keep an eye on it and if the amount of oil used is increasing- get it looked at. If it's a fair amount (like ours) but pretty regular, then carry on - agreed?


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