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Cayman S 987 Gen 2 options....

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After 10 years of owning two different Mitsubishi FTOs, but dreaming about owning a Honda NSX (now out of my price range), I've settled on buying a Cayman S.


After a bit of research I've decided I want a Gen 2 987, with PDK and flappy paddle shifters.


Is the flappy paddle an exclusive option to the sports chrono option? It seems to be.


What does the sports chrono give me other than a clock and launch control? Is it a general stiffer suspension and better throttle response sports mode so to speak?


What should I look out for in terms of common issues for these?


Many Thanks


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When you say "flappy paddle" which do you mean? There are 3 PDK types you can get

1. PDK equipped car will have steering wheel mounted paddles with one push / pull type per side.

2. Sport Chrono cars will also have lights in the wheel for sports sports plus and Launch control 

3. It is possible to retrofit the later 3 spoke wheel with more conventional right shift up, left shift down.


Picture standard 987.2 PDK sport Chrono wheel.



2.Close up of push / pull paddle



2) sports design steering wheel IMG_1378.PNG.8f43b682316252d73edc4850855e1bb6.PNG


Theres also sports Chrono and sports Chrono plus, the plus just means there is a personal display in Porsche Communication Management (PCM) 


Sports Chrono gives PDK equipped cars launch control, which is phenomenal, it remaps the throttle & gear shift, locks out 7th gear and  gives you the clock. I don't think it has any effect on suspension this would be a separate function and only on Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) equipped cars.


Hope that helps



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I absolutely don't want the push pull buttons. I want proper left down/right up paddles. I just wasn't sure exactly if this was a factory fit option on it's own, or part of the sports chrono/plus package.... And wasn't sure of all the option combinations.


Pictures of the steering wheels is a help identifying the paddle shift cars. Thanks!

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The sport design steeeing wheel is an aftermarket option for 987.2 cars only becoming a factory option for 981 cars. 


It is retrofittable to a car that doesnt have it but it's roughly £800 from Porsche 

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