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Help! [Round 2] PDK Transmission emergency run


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Hi all,


Now that I fixed my previous issue by changing a coil, yesterday I experienced a new issue where the PDK came in transmission emergency run (white message displayed on the screen)

The car can still be driven but in degraded mode.

Durametric fault code does not report something specific to the PDK so I guess it might be a faulty sensor. Please see below for the error codes I have:


9010: Hot-film mass air flow sensor (MAF), elecrical fault. Value below lower limit value

C401 U0401 - CAN fault, engine

B1010 HFM: electrical fault. Value below lower limit value


I will go to the dealer in two weeks but I am wondering if anyone has an idea about this issue.





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Just wondered how you got on with the dealer addressing your problem?


I went for some scheduled work with OPC recently and they flagged up a fault with one of my coil packs. They quoted me a price and I made a mental note to sort it myself. While I did nothing, I got the exact same message as you - 'Transmission emergency run' in white. The errors got more frequent, even daily, so I bought a whole new set of coilpacks (i.e. all 6) and changed them myself. It's now been 2 weeks and 500 miles and I've not had the error since.


I can't say for certain if the errors are related, but my view was that if the electrics aren't right, you can't expect everything to work properly. Also, I thought I should fix the known fault before worrying about what might be causing the transmission errors.


Let us know how you get on.




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