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Refridger White GTS


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Hi all, 


I’m new to this forum. I recently bought this GTS that replaced a 987.1BS. Way too expensive but it called out my name as I happened to pop by the local Porsche dealer. I thought I was on the safe side since my better half veto all white cars but this one she did liked with its black details. (She has previously vetoed black wheels on any car so I now know she isn’t predictable at all). 


I have mixed feelings about not having mixed feelings about moving from manual to PDK. Great thing, and a great annoyance for my prejudices. 


So far I have done a couple of track days and autoXs. The car so competent making it obvious that I’m not. 


I hope someone here appreciates my rumbling because people around me don’t. :)





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Welcome ... good choice and colour !


I also have just moved from a manual 987 to a 981 PDK ,,, a Cayman S in exactly the same colour as yours. 


What are your autoXs ?

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The colour is solid white, I don't think it has any fancy name. 


The AutoXs has been with local POC (the south part of Sweden) at closed down runways. Great fun. The time you achieve really comes down to three things: Driver, driver and tyres. 

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