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Sound Plus ASK Amplifier finally died (like they all do)


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So it's happened finally, got to the route problem of my dodgy boomy base noises and odd 'sea' noises from the speakers when the car is unlocked.


Turns out the car has sound plus optional extra (who knew) and that the ASK amps that they come with this option in the frunk pretty much always fail (go figure). 


So its time for an upgrade. rather than send the current amp off to be repaired I think i'm going down the aftermarket amp route and rewiring the current connection block to suit. So wondering if anyone has had this before and swapped it out for an aftermarket unit and what their thoughts were on it. Found a few forum guides from some people in America who did the same thing so going in with some prior knowledge and then just common sense really to get it through the rest of the way.


Once the old amps out will be posting up how I get on here and a guide/don't do this, for anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation.

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So I got round to removing the ASK amp this weekend. I can confirm that the noise/speaker issues have now gone. So I can pretty much confirm that it is down to a dodgy amp as expected. 


Stereo works as when i first got it now but obviously lacks bass because those speakers and the centre speaker are driven by the amp in the frunk. Will be looking into a nice powerful low profile amp as I would like to try and keep it tucked behind the hatch in the frunk for a more OEM look.



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