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Cayman S Must Haves?

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Hello all .. my first post here!


I used to own a 996 turbo (with X50) but had to sell it to fund a new house :(, so bought a 2.7 boxster the same day but sold that in October, and now looking to get back into the brand with a Cayman S.


Budget is about £16k, and want a manual car 2007 onwards.


Question i have is, what are the must have options for the cayman s?  I tend to own cars for about 18months max, so want to make sure i am buying something i can sell on again.


Seen a few cars about, and think id be more tempted to buy from an indy rather than private, but open to ideas on this one as budget will prob dictate where car is from.



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I’d put Cridfords in the ‘Porsche sales’ category rather than them being an Indpendant Specialist - subtle difference, but an important one.  I wouldn’t not buy a car from them though.  


You will pay a premium buying from a a dealer, and for what is basically the cheapest Cayman you will buy, will be a fair premium.  


I would save myself a couple of thousand and buy a decent one privately and spend a couple of hundred having it inspected.  

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That is a subtle difference - but as you said, probably an important one.


I bought my boxster privately with no inspection and got lucky, i bought my 996 turbo from a dealer - inspection threw up a few bits, and when it lunched  its clutch after 500miles oi was glad id paid the premium to buy from a dealer.


Will look at private sales too, reviews re cridfords ive been reading have left me a little concerned, but not as concerned as another local dealer who said 'well as your local the good thing is when the warning lights come up on the dashboard we can clear them for you'  - now thats confidence inspiring isnt it!

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Cayman's definitely look best on 19" wheels.

And personally I have been very pleased with having heated seats these last few weeks.


Sports seats are also nice, as is the rear wiper.



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Rear wiper was an option?  Didnt even think about that!


Heated seats id like, but the car at cridfords doesnt have this, but does have sports chrono and pasm - which im led to believe are desirable?  Also has PCM, which i know form my boxster isnt the best, but looks nicer at least, and im sure ive still got the nav update DVD's somewhere at home too.

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