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CTEK Charger / Status and Condition Monitor Connection

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Hi all,


i have just just bought a CTEK charger from Frazerparts, along with the accessory mentioned - this one:




Has anyone else connected one? Any advice, cautionary tales etc.?


I was wondering if anyone has managed to git one and found a way to bring the connector (with its monitoring lights) into the cabin?


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one idea might be to copy what i did using an Anderson connector ( see my post from Sept last year under " flat as a witches tit ". when I use this, I fed the charger cables from the permanent battery link cable, through the connection point ( Anderson Plugs) to the charger leads which I then run through the lower door seals and lock the charger in the car sitting in the drivers seat. thus ensuring that A. the charger doesn't get nicked and B, at half past sparrow fart , dozey numpty me, in late for work mode doesn't drive off with the charger still connected.!!

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