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987.1 photo shoot ‘model’ request

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Hi all,


i received the email pasted below from PCGB requesting a volunteer 987.1 owner to offer their car for a photo shoot for ‘modern classic’ car magazine in early March in Yorkshire. 


Theres a contact email address within the email. 




_____START OF EMAIL_____


The editor of 'Modern Classics' has been in touch as the magazine is working on a cover feature on affordable Porsches. 

These are the models that can still be realistically attained by most enthusiasts and offer a fantastic drive, ownership experience and won’t lose you any money.

Unsurprisingly, one of the models they've requested is a Gen 1 987 Cayman!  

The photo-shoot is scheduled to take place in early March in North Yorkshire. The magazine will reimburse any expenses incurred getting to, on and back from the shoot including fuel and food. Staff writers will need to drive the vehicle as part of the feature but are fully insured and have PLI insurance up to £10million.

As well as having all costs covered, you will also receive a professional photoshoot of your car. 

If you would like to take part, please email John-Joe Vollans on JJ.Vollans@bauermedia.co.uk.


_____END OF EMAIL_____

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