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Just loving it!!


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I went out in a 2.7 981 PDK this week and boy was it quicker than I expected.  Not much between my 981 S, manual, although I really haven't given mine the full works yet.



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26,000 miles in my base 981 PDK and I intend to keep it forever if possible.


Out today in the dry and sunshine and still loving it as much as when I bought it 27 months ago...



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On 20/01/2018 at 11:48, teedubya said:

Hello all,


thought I would just put a few words after 6 months ownership of my base 981 PDK car. In a word or two, just loving it. Done a couple of upgrades, changed the steering wheel to the sports steering wheel as prefer the paddles to the buttons, and just had the PSE exhaust fitted which has made the world of difference. Just completed 6,000 miles and the smile on my face is the same as the day I bought it. 


Change of steering wheel good call, I really don’t like the standard one with the button type ger change. Expensive change I suspect but worth it. Mine is a GTS and had the Alcantara Sports wheel and I love it. Only upgrade done is the addition of Zunnesport grilles.


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