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Hi to all....


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Hi to all you fellow Cayman lovers,


Just a short introduction.


I'm Miles, 

I live down on the south coast and own a number of modifed Porsches .


One of my current projects being a Cayman gen1 body shell, built up using the complete loom and electrics  from a  2011, 19000 ml written off  Cayman R which I bought.

The engine is a 3.8 DFI from a gen 2 997.

The A/C and power steering pump have been removed from engine, an electric 997 cup car pump under front,. now powers the steering.


First runs on the rolling road the car was putting out  389 bhp 

Another session is booked for the 7th March. Since then we've removed the cats from the headers, so will be interesting so see the gains, if any.. 

Its running full track suspension with the RSS Tarmac arms, Toe link and steering arms, apart from the aggressive camber and ride height, the  car looks pretty stock at the moment .

For the track we run the car on 18" 997 cup BBS centre lock wheels shod with R888's,

for the road it runs on 19" Spyder alloys 


The car's still fully road legal and runs a full interior, all be it fully lightened.

It currently tips the scales at 1180kg with loads more weight to loose..


Only really getting the car running well towards the end of the season last year, after having fuel pressure and  electronic issues.

Even so, we managed to shake it down on a couple of days at Thruxton, Goodwood and Silverstone.


The car's already feeling awesome but  with so much more to come , : )


Plans for this year are sort the brakes  fit a fully welded roll cage and do something with the exhaust system, i.e Cargraphic race headers.


I'm a Goldtrack member and live near Goodwood , so we spend a lot of time there and at 


If any of you boys are around on any of the Goldtrack days would be good to hook up.


When I get a minute , i'll post up a build thread. 

Its amazing to see the sort of  thing you can build, for what in today's current Porsche prices,

is a relatively small  budget. .

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Gotta have some pics! Don't worry what it looks like now, just snap away at any trick bits (in an arty fashion if you like).


Everyone to yours for a meet'n'beach-butty come the summer! B|



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5 hours ago, twopointnine said:

Keep us posted as to when you'll next be on track at Thruxton or Goodwood.

Who do you use for suspension geometry set-up?

Hi twopointnine,


Definatly be at Thruxton 5th of April,

and will properly go and join in on a couple of Goodwood midweek private days next month .

I need to put a few days in over the next couple of weeks putting trim back together  and build the track wheels back up.

Then i should be good to go.


Suspension, I do all the set up myself , i use the old fashion string line and camber gauge method,

which you cant beat... 


Where are you based in Hampshire ?

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