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Common interior trim rattles

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Greetings , hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday ,

I have squeak coming from behind the steering wheel cowling,  I have moved the steering wheel up, down, in and out,

and it still there, so don’t think it anything to do with the steering wheel,

i was wondering if there is a thread about common trim rattles, 

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does it happen when you turn or wiggle the wheel? if yes, it , might be a dry steering column bearing, I ve had this on other cars.  ended up flooding  the whole column top end with PTFE laden penetrating oil with bundles of blue forecourt roll in the footwell.

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Could it be the instrument binnacle? Mine has an occasional squeak and rattle.


The problem with interior (and frunk/froot) rattles and squeaks is the way they travel around, in previous cars I've had noises appearing nowhere near their source.

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