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Help, what is this noise?

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Hi everyone, I'm into about a month of ownership of a 2007 3.4s. Had an RX8 before so I'm used to the threat of imminent engine death hanging over me at any moment. 


The car is great fun however it has developed a noise I'm hoping some of you may be able to diagnose. I've got it booked into a specialist but until then was wondering if you could help. Hopefully the sound clip will upload.


It's a clicking/whirring noise that appears once the engine is warm at around 2-3000rpm. It appears under load and disappears at idle or with the clutch depressed.




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Thanks Barry, I had it looked at by a specialist who can't hear anything unusual! Checked the water pump etc. Could it be the normal sound of the timing chain? I can only hear the noise inside the cabin. Being my first Porsche I don't know what is normal and what is unusual. 

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Take the engine cover off and have a listen that way.


Also, as the engine is right behind your head, you tend to hear a lot more than you would in a normal car (especially an engine as quiet as a rotary).

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