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No 7th gear in sports plus

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Morning ,

can someone explain how this works,

3.4s gen 2: PDK

firstly Everything works correctly, 

when nailing the car, in “normal mode”the car flys threw the gears effortlessly, and at high end revs in sixth, it then effortlessly slips into 7th, almost like an old fashioned overdrive,

however, when the car is in sport plus, apart from the obvious handling, and hanging on to the gears, it gets to 7000rpm, and will not switch up to 7th gear, even the manual paddle shift will not allow gear to shift.

now I understand that this is something that Porsche have designed as some kind of feature to keep things safe, but just wondered what is it all about


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6th gear is for top speed and maximum load.  7th gear is just to save fuel and isn't designed for the track conditions you would use Sport Plus for.

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Thank you, 

for the record a higher top speed can

be achieved in 7th gear than in 6th,

this was my point, when in 6th, high revs, normal mode, the car changes to 7th, and continues to increase speed ( indicated mph)

in sport plus 6th gear , stays at the red line, the mph ( indicated) stays fixed and the car wants another gear 

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