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Cayman S Race build & PSM issues

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I'am new to this forum but I'am trying to do some research into the PSM system on our newly built Cayman S race car which we'll be racing in the Porsche Club Championship. We've done the well documented mod of adding a switch to the ground wire on the yaw sensor which does seem to switch the psm off without disabling the abs. However on track occasionally it seems to intervene and kills the throttle in the middle of a corner not always when you're on the edge of grip. I've also had the engine die completely after a spin and then failed to start for several seconds afterwards. A diagnostic afterwards has come up with a P1265 Crash signal which could explain the throttle kill. Has anyone had any experience with this happening and could suggest a mod which would cure it.


I've been successfully raced Porsches for 20 years including 924's and most recently a Boxster S but the electronics on the Cayman are proving difficult to get around for racing.


Some pics of the (almost) finished car





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Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. I have had a similar PSM interference issue on track and I can't get rid of it. So when PSM is switched off for the track sometimes exiting a slow corner (Castle Combe chicanes, brands Hatch druids), the PSM cuts the throttle a bit and ruins corner exit speed even when there is little steering angle.


I spoke to a OPC and they said they could look into the ECU, however because I have an aftermarket remap, they said this would complicate any diagnostics... Maybe they were basically saying, you're on your own pal. So far I don't have a solution for the PSM, maybe a chat with the guys at Strasse/Parr Porsche might help, I spoke to them at Brands Hatch as they prep/build a few Caymans for the championship. 


If you find a solution for the PSM it would be great to hear it. M

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Hi Steve, I am also very interested in this, and car looks great by the way.


 So if I  amreading that correctly the switch you have installed to the yaw control doesn't actually work or does for a while but does not fully solve the problem ? I have nothing to add but was hoping to do the yaw control switch to ground but having 2nd thoughts now... Pleased to hear how you get on.


On another note what does your car weigh now ?

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