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Newbie from Wellington, Somerset


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Hello from Somerset!


Newbie to the Cayman OC , 18months into to ownership of my Cayman 987 2.9 and loving every minute of it!

Hope to meet up with some of you like minded people at various events and gatherings.


In the meantime I'm sure many of you have experienced finding the best solution to the only thing i want to change about the car - getting rid of the CDR31!


Would like to go down the CAR PLAY route, with good radio reception for non Bose setup, any suggestions???










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Howdy and welcome along!

It's the law here that pictures must be posted of new owners cars....  ??


Most head units these days are pretty good, I would assume that you will need a double din sized one, so allot of it is down to preference.... personally I tend to stick with Pioneer units, as I like the way they work and sound.

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I’ve just fitted a new double DIN unit into my 2007 Cayman, it was fitted with the CDR24 head unit, no Bose, no amp, so a straight swap out, used a gizmo to create the ignition 12 volt feed from the computer data stream, which also gave auto switching for reverse camera, illumination dimmer, et all. I’ll get some pictures taken to show the finished look. I installed a KENWOOD DNX 5170BTS.

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