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Clutch Judder???

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Wondered if anyone could help with an on-going issue I have with my 85000 mile 2007 Cayman 2.7.


I bought the car about a year ago with no problems but after 5 months it developed what seemed like some clutch judder when pulling away from standstill. This seemed to only happen when pulling away at around 1200 rpm where there was a definite judder any less or more revs and it seemed fine or unnoticeable. Thinking it was maybe the clutch or flywheel I changed them both but the judder stayed the same. I noticed revving  the car in neutral gave a very slight engine vibration at the same rpm so changed the front engine mount thinking this may be linked but the judder still remains. The strange thing is it doesn't always happen , quite often when first driving the car from cold it's fine and only ever occurs from standstill  (once moving it's fine up and down the gears). This is the only problem I have with the car, the engines smooth, the gearbox is fine and once moving the car drives great. If anyone has any suggestions of what might be causing this I'd be more than greatful to hear.


Thanks in advance.




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Usually what you have described is generally either due to the clutch driven plate/pressure plate or flywheel or an engine/gearbox mount...


Do you have any "noise" when depressing or releasing the clutch pedal?

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Hi, thanks for the reply.


There's no noise when pressing the clutch pedal, you can just about hear the release bearing but it's barely noticeable and nothing more than you would expect. 


The gearbox mounts haven't been changed but looked fine when the box was removed and have no signs of oil leakage. (I'm told they are oil filled) Maybe I'll just have to replace them to rule them out, they are 11 years old after all.

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Hi I have the same clutch judder on mine exactly as you describe and the same slight vibration when revving the car in neutral.its been like it since I bought it two years ago and hasn't got any worse.

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