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Running 17" wheels and limitations

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I used to have 17" on my Boxster S


The Cayman has 18"s


Are there any limitations when it comes to rubber for these size for track/road use? For example I cant find the Yoko AD08r in the front sizes


Cayman 17" tyre size are 

(front) 205/55R17

(rear) 235/50R17


To me the benefits of reduced cost and better unsprung weight speak volume versus "looks", but wonder if going one step down could present other issues?


@crafty1 I think you mentioned you had 17" at some point?

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Yep I tried a set of 17" and enjoyed them, but they did not work as well as I had hoped with the stiffer Ohlins set up I have,  when really pressing on it became a bit too bouncy with the taller sidewalls on the 17". 


I'll also be honest and say I prefer the look of the 19" wheels on my car and I wanted a one size suits road and track set up,  also the PS4S Michelins only go as low as 19". 


Smaller wheels / tyres give you more info about what is going on and help keep weight down but at the  expense of ultimate grip, which is fine and I liked that but on track they would also be fairly hopeless. 


So 19" for track and fast road or maybe 18" too, but if my car were just for road then 17" more  softly sprung  and I wasn't fussed about looks then it would be  a more involving drive. 



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