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Ticking noise when blowers on


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Hi everyone, 

I have only had my 987.1 cayman S around a few days however I have noticed mostly at idle a ticking type noise coming from what seems to be the engine Bay Area only when the heating fans are switched on as soon as they are switched off the noise stops 

any ideas anyone? 

Thanks regards Matt 

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1 hour ago, PhilCS said:

Ticking noise at idle is very normal

I didn’t notice it doing it when I picked it up 

had a listen before came into work and 

idle / running fans off - quiet 

turn fan speed on even to number two clunk from engine area then ticking starts. 

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Had a look last night and all seems ok can hear the noise cut in and out when eco button to turn AC is pressed on or off sounds to be coming from auxiliary belt area more like a chirping noise 

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