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Any 2013 Cayman owners out there? Help Needed!


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If anyone has a 2013 Cayman, I'd appreciate a bit of help.  Does your upper left steering column  stalk have two distinct selectable positions for normal and main beam or just one.?


In the 981 Boxster, 2012 and 2013 model years apparently have a two position stalk, whilst 2014 model year onward has  a single position stalk which is pushed forward against a return spring to activate the main beams. 


Just after buying my April 2013 registered Cayman, I had my local OPC retrofit cruise control.  Only recently did I drive the car for the first time at night, when I discovered that the main beams only stay on when I hold the single position stalk in the  non-latching forward position against the return spring   The car is currently back with the OPC who have spent 3 days investigating.  My March 2013 built car is officially a 2014 model year and the OPC is insistent that the  stalk unit they fitted with the cruise option  is the correct one for the 2014 MY. 


I don't have the original (non-cruise) stalk assembly but I suspect that although the car has a 2014 VIN, it  was build with at least some 2013  Boxster model year equipment including the two-position stalk.     One of the listed options in the build spec (option 751) suggests this was the case.


So I'd be especially keen to hear if any other early 981 Cayman owners have the two-position stalk, whether fitted with cruise control or not.  My OPC is waiting for advice from Porsche Germany and hopefully will sort this out soon but in the event they don't then I need to know whether there are any cars out there with the two-position  2012/13 spec stalk assemblies


Many thanks.

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On my 2013 CS you pull back to flash the main beam and push forward to acivate main beam permanently until you pull it back again. That seems ridiculous to have to hold it forward. 

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Thanks mr pg. 


The OPC say they've fixed it and I'm picking it up tomorrow.  They've said that Porsche in Germany has given them the info they needed to code the later stalk into my car which based on my build build spec sheet and your confirmation was originally fitted with the two position stalk before they retrofitted the later cruise-equipped stalk assembly.  


So I'm expecting that a momentary press flick forward of the stalk will now switch the main beams on and keep them on, just like the later model year cars.

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