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Couple of parts questions for 981 Cayman S

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Hi all,


Just signed up, picked up a 2015 Cayman S with a lot of accessories a few months ago:

Anyway have a few questions:


1. OPC are charging me about £150 to update my headunit so it supports AHA (I'm also hoping for the newest maps available) but I really want Android Auto, is there an aftermarket headunit I can replace it with? I have BOSE.


2. I have seen that the GT4 has door handle "pulls" rather than handles, somebody has mentioned somebody makes aftermarket ones that are a lot cheaper? anybody got a link?


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1. Updating a headunit on a BOSE system is a pain, it's possible but to straight forward as the OEM system uses fibre optics and no aftermarket radios use this.  There are kits (Suncoast does one) but they are mega expensive.  https://www.suncoastparts.com/product/PK9X1BOSE.html


2. The trouble with the door pulls on all of the Porsches (987/97 and 981/91) is the whole mechanism is different, not just a a case of changing the handle for a strap.  There is an aftermarket version available for the 987 but the action is different and the whole unit hinges which is not the same as the OEM version.  See Graham's thread here http://www.caymanoc.com/forums/topic/1264-white-seat-belts-and-door-pulls/?tab=comments#comment-11378


I'm not aware of a similar version for the 981 but would expect a similar work-around might have to be employed.  




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