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Michelin PS4S on 987.2S - Refusal to fit


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I order 2 Michelin PS4S tyres for the front of my Cayman 987.2S from Blackcircles. The rang (and emailed) to tell me that they're not N rated. I explained that I understood this, but wanted to go ahead anyway. They rang again today to say that ATS won't fit them as they're not N rated, but have found another fitting station, who will fit them if I sign an insurance disclaimer.


I've now had yet another email to tell me that they're not N rated, so I've thrown my toys out of the pram and asked to cancel the order.


Ok, so I realised I've over-reacted, but what am I missing about N rating that leads to having to sign disclaimers?






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Er.....you would think the tyre fitting community would understand the reality of what legal requirements are for tyre fitment these days.....size, profile, load rating etc. Perhaps the tyre manufacturers are bullsh@ting them on some front? I have non N's (and oversize.....245's front, 275's rear) on my CS, and they were fitted by a well know Porsche Specialist garage.

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All utter tosh!

My local chap even suggested ‘upgrading’ from PS2 to PS4S when I had to buy a new set. I understand they’re non N Rated but why stick with an older tyre design if you don’t have to??

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Well, I relented and didn't cancel the order. They were fitted today. My wife took them and had to sign a disclaimer.


The fitter commented on the feathering on the outside of the old ones, plus they may have got hot at some point. Meh. I must be doing something right then!

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