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981 - what wheel spacers

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I own a 981 GTS with the Carrera S wheels and X73 sport suspension. Id like to add spacers for this season. I am just interested in a solution where I do not have to work on the fenders or other parts of the car. 


Is there anybody with the same setup in car and wheels with spacers sharing his experiences? I heard that 1cm in the front per side and 2cm in the back should work. Any suggestions?

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Depends.  Why do you want to fit spacers? To alter the dynamics of the way the car drives or for aesthetics? 


General rule of thumb is widening the front track will encourage oversteer (or dial out understeer), whilst widening the rear will have the reverse effect.  


Aesthetically, what you’ve suggested will probably be the limits and look pretty cool, but will probably mean the car noticeably understeers more as your net track increase would be 10mm rear.  


Most popular recommendation is to go with 5-7mm at the front to dial out understeer with as much -ve camber as you can get on the stock suspension mounts.  Leaving the rear stock.  This makes quite a bit of difference.  

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