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Keyed bodywork

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Noticed yesterday when returning to my car that some scrot had keyed my car on the passenger rear over the arch.  It has happened since Sunday as the location would of been noticeable when loading my car for the week. 


The only place my car has been is the hotel car park, Tesco car park (Winchester) and work car park.


Unlikely to be work as people park their M3, M4, GT3, GTR, Bentley, Evora's etc. without harm. I only noticed it as I had to park in a different location as my usual spot in the work car park was taken.


Tesco is possible but unlikely as I was only there for 20 minutes, tops, as I had run out of razors. It was also in broad daylight and people drive past the location regularly.


The hotel is the most likely but the hotel isn't cheap and you have to drive there. Also they didn't key the 17 plated red Jag that is also staying at the hotel.  I asked them to check the cameras but apparently no one had been near my car while it was parked up.  It took them just over an hour to check 20 hours of video (how long my car had been in their car park).


So my question is: are there any recommended 'while-you-wait' repair shops near Winchester? Or somewhere that will take me to work after dropping my car off?  I could get this done locally on Teesside but I need my car.




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That needs repainting I'm afraid and I definitely wouldn't recommend a smart repair.  Any decent body shop will have it back to you in 2 days

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At least its not down to the metal, so it wont rust.


Feel for you, lots of idiots around, who do this kind of thing.


A good detailer would probably be able to fill and touch that up, and then machine polish it, would probably get rid of 90% of it.


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Why, oh why do people do this?


Have you got this sorted out now? Be good to know how you remedied this, I reckon on it being a full panel respray, possibly having to blend it in to the adjacent panels.


I wouldn't worry about the 'rust' issues, I think you'll find the rear arches are manufactured from stainless steel.

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It got sorted last week while I was on holiday.


The guy who did the paint work was the same guy who did my rear wing last year and fitted me in at very short notice.


Then it was over to the detailers to get the ceramic coating applied.


The paint had to be blended in which meant the protective pad had to be replaced.  It seems more white than the one on there but that should 'settle in'.


Looks good when it's clean!



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Sorry to hear this Graham but glad you got it sorted. Is the panel whiter or just the clear film protector? Looks great in photos. Glad it’s sorted.


Ive had the most misfortune in my Cayman more than any banger I’ve ever run. It’s just the law of sod. A piece of falling masonry fell off an adjacent house (no proof just realised what was happening when I saw it happening later and next door said their chimney was crumbling and needed work. They got mega snobby when I mentioned the dent and chuntled that “never mind your car, my walls have water staining”. I had to walk away and do some deep breathing as was having very unchristian thoughts at that moment :D 


Then a few minths later two curious small dents and one scratch appeared in the rear bumper. It had been parked in the middle of nowhere daytime at Sainsbury’s and some utter thunder pig had reverse into it and not left a note.  I presume it wasn’t shopping trollied as the dents were too far apart. Quite how the festering dog job, who did this managed it in an open area of no other cars I don’t know. Annoyingly my rear facing camera was asleep on the job and didn’t pick it up. I still have no idea why as that things records an impact if a sparrow walks past.


just the law of sod.



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