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Do the lighter sockets draw when the car is locked?

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Hi all.


i wanted some hands free Spotify action in the car and didnt want to swap the head unit so I've plugged a Bluetooth received onto the aux port which is charged from USB.


i connected a charger doodah into the footwell 12v but I've no idea if it draws from the battery when the keys are out or car is locked. Does anyone know? Gen 2 for ref.


if I leave the car a few days I don't want it to drain the battery.




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My owner's manual says this on page 140:


"The sockets and thus the connected electrical accessories function even if the ignition is switched off or the ignition key is withdrawn. If the engine is not running and the accessories are switched on, the vehicle battery will be discharged. Do not operate additional accessories for more than 5 minutes when engine is off." 

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Hi Dan yes.


i have an 3.5mm jack port in the armrest so I plug the Bluetooth receiver in to that and charge it via the 12v.


Connect the phone to the Bluetooth and set the cdr30 to aux and it works great.

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