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London (Within M25) Indy service garage


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Hi all,


As some of you may know over on another thread my 981 is due a minor service asap. Been pondering if I should go to an official dealer or a Porsche specialist Indy to get the work done, however my nearest official dealer who will offer the minor service for £615 is in Sidcup, South London. Ideally like to keep it abit closer and Indy's I've found can do a minor service for around half the price vs. official dealer.


Just wondering what's everyone's thoughts on these 5 Indy Porsche specialists? Does anybody have experiences on any of these, or can recommend me something within the M25?


Ordered from closest to me but not in price order:

Belgravia Garage (Central London) - https://www.belgraviagarage.com/services/porsche/

RGA Porsche (Vauxhall, London) - https://www.rgaporschelondon.co.uk/

911 SBD (Neasden, NW London) - https://porscheservicelondon.co.uk/london-independent-porsche-garage/

Porsche Tech (Finchley, NW London) - http://porchetech.co.uk/porsche-servicing

Charles Ivey (Surbiton, Surrey) - http://www.charlesivey.com/services-parts-and-mots/


Hoping to book something in very, very soon...


Thanks for your help all!



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5 hours ago, jc848 said:

These guys are just outside the M25 but probably the best known indies close to London


JZM - Kings Langley https://www.jzmporsche.com/porsche-service/

Jaz Porsche - St. Albans https://www.jazweb.co.uk/


Thanks! Would much prefer to keep it within London. 


Jaz Porsche quoted me just under £600. Their facilities look fantastic but not keen driving all the way there.

Porche Tech quoted me just around £740. Much expensive than OPC.


I think I'll probably go with 911 SBD. Did some research on them and they seem reputable as they were previously (Or still?) a Porsche racing team it seems? Think I remember they quotes me for around £500. Need to double check tomorrow.

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3 hours ago, Craiglm68 said:

Peter at No. 5  Garage in Acton did my PPI and 1st service, seemed a decent chap http://www.no5garage.co.uk, worth a call


Cheers CraigIm68! I've gone ahead and booked at No. 5 Garage next week. My family live around West London and conveniently I'll be around the area next week.


Booked a minor service (£330) + brake fluid change (£85) exc. VAT.


Will give an update after!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,


Giving an update here as promised.


So dropped the car off at No 5 garage around 11 am. Was immediately met by Sam who was a friendly guy going through what I need doing. He spotted there's some condensation on the rear right light and said he will look into this for me as it can be very costly if not fixed early enough.


As well an intermediate service, I wanted to get the following looked into too:


- Rear spoiler. Noticed when I put the spoiler down, there's like a 1 inch gap that makes it look like the spoiler is not shutting properly. Sam told me he thinks the rear spoiler is warped because it's plastic... Kinda took his word for it and left it like.

- Front wheels judders when I full lock. Sam assured me this was very normal due to the size of the alloys (20").

Sam informed me I might not able to pick the car up by the time they closed at 5 pm but that's ok, I didn't mind going back to pick it up on Saturday.

Popped off to the gym nearly and at 3 pm, I received a call from Richard that the car was ready so made my way back. Total was £510 inc. VAT and Brake fluid change. The condensation was sorted out too and car was cleaned.


Overall pleased with the service. Sam and Richard were friendly.


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