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Recommended: DS Automotive indepent Porsche servicing - Bucks / Aylesbury


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For anyone living in Bucks, or in/around/near Aylesbury. 


I’ve just used DS Automotive on Edison Rd (off Rabans Lane) for a clutch and flywheel replacement and was very impressed with the marque knowledge, efficiency of work, level of service and pricing. 




They’re an independent Porsche (& Jap & German) specialist. 

The owner (David) has been working on Porsche’s for over 20 years, having been a mechanic / engineer with a privateer Porsche 911 race team ‘back in the day’, he set up his own garage business in 2003. 


They never advertise themselves and I’ve never heard them mentioned on the PCGB / Cayman OC forums, but they certainly seem to be busy. 


When I dropped mine off on Monday 5th there was an early 70s Classic 911 in for work and an Impreza; and when I picked up on Friday 9th there was a 997GT3 and Escort RS200 Mexico in the shop. 


Labour rate is £68ph + VAT, which is cheaper than RPM Technik in Marsworth 👍🏻. And they do seem to know Porsche’s and their ‘idiosyncrasies’ pretty well. 


My bill was:

Sachs clutch £345 (+VAT) locally sourced

LUK DMF £800 (+VAT) supplied from Porsche OPC

Labour 5.5hrs


Total £1847


As much as I really like Matt at Porschacare (see my mother posts on him), he is a 100mile round trip, whereas these guys are only 4 miles from me. 


i think I’ll use these guys for next year’s service and winters hibernation coolant pipes replacement. 

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