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The Cayman Exit Interview

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Well after 9-10 months my 987.2 S is being collected tomorrow by the specialist I bought it from.


Its been a mixed bag of experiences and I have to say as I write this I've no second thoughts at all.


The car hasnt put a foot wrong but I've just not bonded with it. It's the third car alongside a Kia Rio needed for supermarket and train station duties, and a VX220 for sunny days and track days.


In its defence Ive not had much time to use the cayman but honestly this being my third porsche I keep coming back to the conclusion that I prefer the idea of one than the reality.


The car has always been good to drive, the howl on the motor is addictive and the steering feel excellent. The cabin on the 987 is great and the car always felt younger than its years inside and out. It was a good mile away muncher too with decent economy and ride, thought round town it's a bit jiggly (non PASM).


The VX220 though has a level of feel and excitement which is several steps above. It's raw compared but as the car is only used for fun and track I'm always in the mood, so whenever the choice came of which car to take for a blast the porsche almost always lost out, to the point I ended up using the car just to make sure the battery didn't go flat!


Now im at the point where if I keep it I'll need to service, mot and tax it etc so I figure sell  it now or wait until next summer, but I can do better things with the money. If it were the only fun car or only car at all I'd probably be loving it more, it's just got into competition with something more focused.


i can't sell on here and obviously won't be subscribing but I'll be putting a Brodit phone holder and rear parcel shelf on eBay soon so keep 'em peeled.


I'ill check in from time to time but wish you all the best.

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Seems a fairly sound reason for selling. 


My Cayman actually meant that all my other toys got sold as I just wasn't using them and the Cayman has given me 3 trouble free years of weekend fun and no boredom has crept in at all. Really there becomes a point where you can enjoy owning x amount of cars at the one time 



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