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Interior: Satin / Matt plastics protectant ?

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I'm a bit of a detailing freak . And have many favourite / tried / trusted products for most surface types, applications etc - but have never owned (And not amongst the 6 cars in this household) worked on a car with such 'Satin / matt' type interior plastics; as some on the interior of the 987 (Wing-mirror inner covers, whole rear boot plastics around engine cover, centre console, various switches etc etc)


I'm a CarPro Perl fan - and am told at 5:1 dilution this would be good. I've also just bought a small bottle of 303 Aerospace Rubber and Plastic protectant from Amazon for a whole £4 as a trial..........as i'm told this should be really good for the above areas too.


Other suggestions have been Poorboys Interior Trim restorer and Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Cleaner (Matt).



So......what's everyone else's favourite, non greasy, dust repelling, Satin or Matt interior product ?

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I use Meg's back to black. It beads in the rain and makes the black matt plastics look like new. Really makes a difference. I doubt it's the best out there, I got it when in Halfords and bored so didn't do too much research into it.


EDIT: I completely missed the interior bit of that, in that case I use G-techniq matt interior, their stuff is always top quality for me and that works really well

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