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Noisy heater fan


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Hi all


My heater fan has recently started making a strange noise from behind the passenger side dash. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's a mixture of a rattle and a squeak. 


The noise is there whether the AC is on or off, and gets louder the higher the setting. 


I've tried doing some research, but haven't been able to find a similar example (most tend to be only on AC). 


Has anyone come across aything similar, or have some suggested fixes? 



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sounds like [pun] you will need to get access to the fan.......it maybe a bad motor or i have had a mouse get caught in the fan cage and make one heck of a vibration 

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It’s behind the glovebox. Not too difficult. If you search for HVAC you should find a load of forum posts. Remove the glovebox and the foam panel underneath it and you’ll have access. It’s probably the bearing. Quite common on the 997 units which this is. 

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I was hoping it might be an easy fix, but having spent a bit of time digging around behind the pollen filter, and from underneath the glovebox it doesn't look as if anything is catching or stuck. I've also tried to oil the motor itself, but doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. 


Looks like a new motor is probably the next step! 

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