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Ben La

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Hello hello 


Just thought I would introduce myself, I have had my 987.2 S PDK for 2 months and am loving it. 


I came from a z4 roadster 3.0si, a car often compared against the cayman/boxster in all the mag/TV tests. A Porsche was out of my price range back then, but suffice to say I now really really get why the porsche would always come out on top.


Am in SW London so looking for chances to get out and find a windy road at any opportunity.


I have its first service under me this week, looking forward to ownership and getting a few bits sorted out. I have sworn this car will remain standard but carnewal, ride height and possibly spacers all keep popping into my head. I love the general standard look but the car sure does sit high.






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Welcome aboard Ben. **I thought the term ‘BMW’ got filtered out here ?....but somehow it seems to have slipped through 🙂 


Ha on jeeping it standard. Good luck with that one - especially bearing in mind they do look a little bit tractor as standard; don’t they......

Continue enjoying your fab looking example 👌



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Welcome Ben, fine example of a 987 there! Put Simply Porsche at Beaulieu in your calendar for Summer time, we've got a spot reserved and will be after some cars to fill it up! Carnewal rocks by the way too!

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