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Is a bore score Insp a must ?... Porsche Warranty


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Hello Ladies /Gents,


I’m currently on the market for a Gen1 cayman.


Like most of you, I have a large  tick box list prior to considering buying a used car. 

I’ve been offered a low mileage Gen 1 2006 cayman S 3.4.

its got full PSH and as a result it’s still got 12 months Porsche dealer warranty which I believe can be transferred to the new owner ?


As a result would you bother getting such an inspection done?





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A pre-purchase inspection with a boroscope is usually about £250-300, compared to circa £5k for a new engine, so its money well spent.


Its not just the engine faults either. That's a 14 year old car, so as with any car there are other common problems, suspension bushes, coolant pipes leaking, damaged radiators, so all in an inspection could pay for itself easily.


Hopefully someone on here knows a Porsche specialist in or near Glasgow, or Google could help.







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I guess the question is how much inspecting did the dealer give it when they gave it a warranty, and do you trust them? 


In general, a PPI is a must (and anything they find is a good bargaining point when it comes to haggling the price). 

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As the others say.....full PPI plus a bore scope is good sense, despite the fact most will not produce anything that would make you walk away/think twice. And don't expect bores to be "brand new" in appearance.....normal wear and tear happens to all internal combustion engines from the day the key is 1st turned and the engine starts. Good luck with the pending purchase/inspection!

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