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Hi everyone


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Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Porsche ownership.


A little about myself...

I was never really a Porsche fan, 911's just don't do it for me, but then a few years back I saw my first Cayman out in the wild.


Wow!, just... wow!


I'd never followed Porsche as a brand so wasn't aware of the Cayman but after seeing one...


I wanted one!


At the time we'd just moved into our new home which required renovation all through which meant my funds had to be spent elsewhere. I promised myself I'd buy a Cayman once the house was finished. It took me 4 years to complete the house and to replenish my Cayman fund, then finally, last February I got to buy my first Cayman! 


Just looking out the window and seeing it on the drive gave me the biggest grin you've ever seen, much to the amusement of my wife.


I loved every bit of summer last year, I spent as much time cleaning and polishing it as I did driving it. And I can't wait to do the same again this year.


I'm staffs based and my beauty is an 07 Cayman S, she's currently in the garage waiting for spring, which can't come soon enough!


I look forward to talking with you guys and soaking up information re these beautiful cars.

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Welcome aboard - another Detailing fiend ? Good stuff !


Mines also in the garage until Spring - being a summer only toy. And that in itself gets some ribbing in the Porsche / Cayman community 😎 Well......"garages" actually for me - as i've taken Winter as a time to re-group and have a few bits taken off and re-done / painted etc. 


What colour is the other significant in your life ? Do you have some pics ?


Roll on Spring indeed; and enjoy your stay here.......

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Took Portia/Prunella (I can't decide which name is best!) to Bristol then to London this week...she came back filthy ......I'm envisaging the OCD side of some of your making your skin crawl at the thought!😂

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