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Single tailpipe v sports tailpipes

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Love the surprisingly loud, slightly raspy sound of the single tailpipe on my 2.7 981, but don't love the look.


If I swap to the OEM sports tailpipe, will I notice a difference sound-wise? I don't really want it to change too much - certainly wouldn't want it to be quieter. 


By the way, I'm not into spending two grand on a PSE, and I don't really want to get into aftermarket exhaust systems just yet - this is really just about improving the aesthetic without massively changing the sound.


Any thoughts/experience appreciated...


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On 06/03/2020 at 14:12, sevenfourate said:

i'd be really surprised if "just" a set of twin Sports tailpipes made any real difference to the sound; either way......




This is pretty much what I thought. I’m actually more bothered about losing sound rather than adding it. On balance, I’d rather live with look and keep the noise - I’m in the car more often than I am looking at it I guess...


Suppose the only way to know is to do it. Can always reverse it if I’m not happy 

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you should consider the Carnewal GT system, OEM look and quality with the inner reworked and secondary cats deleted. It sounds amazing, lets it breath a little better not anywhere as expensive as a PSE / High quality aftermarket. I'm over the moon with mine!


If you just change the tips it will change the note slightly but it won't be night and day, i don't think it would be that noticeable from inside the cabin but definitely from outside.

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Hi Greenace, did you ever do anything about your tail pipe as I am of the same opinion as yourself ie 

Don't like the "look" but don't really want to increase the noise. If you did change it, what did you go for & was it any noiser.


Many thanks


Graham Hill 

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