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(Another) Recommendation for Porschacare Stevenage


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My 987 CS went to Matt at Porschacare in Todd’s Green bear Stevenage for some works in the past 2 weeks and has come back feeling like a new car!


As ever Matt gave an excellent level of customer service, from providing me with a detailed parts and labour estimate prior to commencing the work, keeping me informed throughout the works and talking me through everything he’s done when I collected the car. 

His pricing is very reasonable and his workmanship is highly diligent as he is such a perfectionist in what he does. It’s a 100 mile round trip for me to drop-off / collect and costs me >£40 in train, tube and taxi fares each way to/from him, but his level of service is worth the additional cost in my opinion. 

The works I had done were:

• engine oil and filter change (millers nanodrive racetech 5W-40)

• gearbox oil change (redline 75w-90)

• front coolant pipes & hoses replacement

• BMC performance air filter fitted

• all suspension and brakes condition visual inspection

• Brake fluid change (motul RBF 600)

• GT3 TRW master brake cylinder fitment (i supplied pre-purchased part)

• full geometry alignment to ‘fast road’ setting


12 hours of labour 


Total cost was around £1500 and within a few pounds of the original estimate. 


I appreciate it might be psychosomatic on my part having just spent money on the work, but when I collected the car and drove away (after it had warmed up) when I gave it some beans on the way home the car felt quicker in its acceleration response pick up - could just changing the filter really make a difference to performance without changing anything else? 🤷‍♂️

I wasn’t expecting any ‘improvement’, I did it mainly for the better filter quality and maybe some extra induction noise (which I think it does give 😁👍🏻).


And the GT3 MBC feels so much better. There’s a distinct improvement in pedal firmness (Might also be down to the Motul RBF too, but I was running ATE Typ 200 fluid previously) and I find the initial brake bite point is now achieved with less pedal travel first - which I am also finding makes heel & toe rev-matching easier 👍🏻

obviously the real test of the GT3 MBC and motul fluid will be on a track day. 

So, short summary - another BIG THUMBS UP for Matt at Porschacare 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😁

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