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Hi all, 


Newbie from Essex but don't worry, no fake tan going on here.  Long time lurker but have owned a 987.1 CS for just over a year and a half.  I took a brave pill one morning and decided I could live with the engine horror stories as my man maths suggested I could run a Gen1 and still include a the cost of an engine rebuild for the price of a well-used Gen2. Luckily, no engine issues so far and hopefully my gamble has paid off! 


I've had various hot hatches and fast saloons in the past and had no real interest in Porsche but decided on a Cayman after driving one at a Thruxton experience day.  They use them for warm-up/sighting laps but I was more than impressed with the performance and handling and think they're a real sweet spot for road driving.  Mines an early-production car (Nov'05) but was highly spec'd; PASM, Xenon's, Chrono (not sure I get the point), PCM+ etc in Arctic Silver.



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Congrats and welcome! Plenty of us with a similar appetite for that level of (low) risk. Sounds a nicely spec'd car, don't be shy about posting some shots!


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