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My Cayman 987 2.7 Sport


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Hi James welcome to the forum from a fellow 2.7 owner 😁

6 speed box  and PASM is very rare on the 2.7. 

I am looking for a set of those wheels for my car, but in 18"

Have you got a side view pic of your car to show the wheels off? 


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Hi Tony, thanks for the welcome!

Yes it certainly did take a while for the right car to pop up.

The wheels I have are the 18” from a 981 Base Cayman so it sounds like they’re the ones you’re after. I struggled to find any examples online so I just had to bite the bullet and try for myself. I really like them.

I will take some decent shots at the weekend if it’s not raining.



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Thanks Edmundo.

Rear spacers arrived this morning so I didn't waste any time getting them fitted.

7mm front & 11mm rear H&R hubcentrics.


The 981 wheels (18x9 ET47) are actually 4mm less offset than the 18" 987 wheels (18 x9 ET43) so in reality it is +7mm all round.


Apologies for the crappy photos, I will take some good ones when the weather is on side. 


(Tony I will get you a better side view when I take the car out for a drive)


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I thought I would give Autoglyms Polar range a try today, especially impressed with their sealant.

The water just ran off making drying a doddle. 


Few shots after a clean and a side shot for Tony!

Cay 10.jpg

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Cheers for the pictures James.

Consolidates my opinion that those wheels look epic. 

I knew about the skewed rear offset but I'm thinking do I really want rear spacers 🤔 

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Cheers guys, glad you agree!


Tony, the fronts looked great with no spacers but I would advise small spacers at the rear as they were a little tucked.

FYI the 981 wheels will require hubcentric spacers as the wheel design is a little different to the 987. (The centre bore is counter sunk a few mm)


Edmundo, I agree aesthetically that would look great. 
I have been contemplating upgrading the suspension for a while now but I can’t bring myself to risk ruining the ride. It would be a shame to loose PASM too.


In an ideal world it would be nice to try all the options before I commit!


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Thanks Chris!


Agreed, the issue is the 981 rear wheels have 4mm less offset than the 987 wheels so 5mm rear spacers only would bring it very close to stock track width.


I did run +7mm spacers at the front and essentially -4mm at the rear and the car did feel very pointy!


My setup now is the equivalent of +7mm all round so back to stock balance again which is fine by me. 

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