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Good Evening


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Hi all

Its that time of life, the big 60, promised myself something a bit special, narrowed it down now and a Cayman is top of my list, looking at the 981s


Bit about me, always been into fast motorbikes and still got three of them, my daily drive is a totally bland HRV, however, I do have a MR2 roadster for sunny blasts, its an absolute blast with go-cart handling


It will probably be a few months before I am in the position to buy, so please, any advice will be very welcome



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Welcome along Rob, plenty of advice on here and people always on hand to give some pointers. 

The club is a good place to start the search for your Cayman, plenty of members keep a good eye on the market too. 



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Hi zxrob, welcome aboard, will be good to see another 981 owner on here.


I bought my Cayman last year after searching for over a year, so if not in a rush I'd advise to take your time and study the market, both in Dealerships and the many independants with a good name, and be prepared to travel.


Like you I have a Roadster to put a different kind of smile on my face, had Mx-5's for 20 years.


Best of luck with the search.



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Morning folks


Looks like I may have got my car now, fingers crossed, going to look at a white 2.7 981 on Wednesday😊


Anything in particular to look out for



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