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Sprint Booster and Rennline throttle pedal fitted


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In case anyone else is considering them...


Got these two fitted today. Seem great. SB set to "sport 3" which seems to sharpen things up just enough to loose the slight lag/delay/dead pedal at very start of throttle movement without losing modulation. I'll explore more at a later date..


Rennline pedal with extensions is just what I hoped for. Brings the pedal about 10mm towards me + closes the gap between throttle and brake so much nicer heel and toe rev matching..Seems expensive but it's high quality and worth it to my mind. FYI although design911 states left hand drive it does indeed fit RHD


Car is in for GT3 mc/ Wavetrac LSD/ Lightweight Flywheel/RS mounts in early Jan so it should really start coming together. Will update then..

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Hi John. Mines not the adjustable version, it's just the standard Rennline pedal cover with the extensions fitted. The plate is about 7mm thick. When you then sandwich the side extension plate between the two it probably adds 2mm more..I'd say it's just about right now. Some find the extensions on the side are a bit too close to the brake but if you wear slim shoes and keep this in mind you're fine. If it did pose a problem you could loose the extension bits but in that case you might be better just buying a cheaper cover/plate from likes of design tek etc.. 


I'll try to get a photo up soon. Cheers 

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